Wholesale Handbags – Several Thoughts Regarding Suppliers

When a person is looking into selling wholesale handbags within their own store fronts, they might automatically think that they have to order large quantities from their supplier in order to get those special low price deals. Furthermore, there are not too many online merchants that will allow their customers to place orders with them in very small bulk quantities.  With that said, we are pleased to share with our readers a certain website we found called http://www.purse-obsession.com who specialize in wholesale handbags at low and high volume. These who are definitely worth taking another look at.

When a retail store owner is seeking to stock their store shelves with high quality handbags, they often struggle with locating reputable suppliers, and suppliers that have genuine authentic handbag products. Furthermore, many of these suppliers that they might come across will have certain requirements prior to doing business with them. In addition, they often will need plenty of references, and require that the merchant having high credit ratings before they will even ship to your store location.

With these types of restrictions placed upon many smaller retail merchants, they often then cannot compete for the same types of customer revenue sales that the larger chains can. However, this particular wholesale handbags supplier called the Purse Obsession does cater to smaller retail merchants, and thus might just help to level the playing field for gaining new customers for them too. This particular supplier of wholesale handbags does appear to have plenty of merchandise in which to select from.

In addition, some of their collections even include a very popular cartoon character called Betty Boop, in which the store owner can begin to offer this same type of merchandise to their own customer base with a small minimum order. With that said, while other wholesale suppliers will need a larger volume order before they will sell merchandise to you, you can instead order from this company with a minimum order of only $75.00. Furthermore, they have also just introduced the option to get the order delivered with free shipping, once a certain minimum order requirement has been met when placing your order.

wholesale handbags - betty boop examplewholesale handbags - weaved pattern example

With that said, some of their products that they have on offer, like their designer inspired handbags, satchel handbags, shoulder bags, tote bags, handbag and wallet sets, all can be ordered in a variety of colors, and they can all be mixed up. With those kinds of options and choices readily available, the merchant could easily get a very wide variety of products in which to stock their shelves with. In addition, often times merchants will struggle with finding good wholesale handbags that they could purchase in lots.

However, this particular website that we have mentioned here not only has plenty of wholesale handbags in single sets, but they also offer wholesale lots for wallets, as well as messenger bags. In addition, if the merchant has located these same identical products from another wholesale supplier, this company will match that price. Furthermore, they guarantee that they have the lowest prices currently available to the public, so this in itself does make visiting this handbags supplier even more worth the effort.

With that said, many times when a merchant is seeking to get the latest designer brands within their stores, they often find it difficult to locate the real deal product inventory from suppliers. However, when we visited Purse Obsession’s website, they seem to stock the most popular fashion styles, along with the latest variety of color options. Having said that, not only did they have a large variety to choose from, but their product line did also appear to be that of a very high premium level.

The truth about women is that they love handbags, especially fashionable ones. If you are thinking of putting up a fashion boutique it is important to grab the attention of customers and you can only accomplish this by setting prices low at the beginning. As a beginner fixing the prices low while maintain quality will attract many women to your shop who will ultimately become repeat customers. The question of where to buy handbags in bulk at cheap prices and reap the benefits arises.

You have to make sure that you get manufacturers who will offer you the best bulk prices and most fashionable wholesale handbags. The best option is searching for the most highly rated manufacturers online in order to offer to your customers’ superior selections. It is from these trusted suppliers that you will place your order. This will obviously be cost effective as buying in wholesale reduces cost remarkably and gives you bigger margins.

Another benefit of buying wholesale handbags is that they are customized depending on your order. You are given the option of ordering bags of different types in a single order and low unit prices are retained. In addition where you place a relatively large order you are given cash discounts which is a cost-saving measure for your handbag merchandise. Furthermore, the supplier may incur the shipping cost to your destination and given that transportation cost contributes to high prices, you stand a chance of getting huge profits.

Wholesale shops do not normally run out of stock, which means your boutique will enjoy continuous supplies of handbags. Opportunity cost of running out of stock is eliminated when you opt to purchase wholesale handbags. Wholesale handbags generally come in many varieties, different sizes and shapes. Offering to customers many varieties is a marketing strategy given that people value variety. You can be sure your boutique will succeed if you buy handbags at wholesale based on the above benefits.

When it comes to locating a reputable supplier for wholesale handbags, at times it can be a very difficult task to achieve. However, if you take a moment to do some advance research, it is possible to locate gems within this industry, in which to help you stock your store shelves with. Finally, we hope that our tip on visiting Purse Obsession can help you end your search more quickly, in regards to trying to find a reputable supplier of wholesale handbags you can order both in small and large bulk quantities with.